"I am alive! It is a miracle from G'd"
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Jakob and Frieda
Leon with his girlfriend, Gina skiing in the Bavarian Alps. Gina with Jerry after their emigration to the USA. Leon in America. Leon and Gina with friends on a picnic in the USA. Leon with Jerry.
Letter from Leon dd 19 December 1939 to his brother, Jakob.
Leon tries to secure an entry visa for the USA for his brother, Salo.


Leon is the youngest of the Blechner brothers. He flees from the Nazis in March 1938 to the United States.

Initially he lives and works near Boston, waiting for his wife Gina. But her arrival is delayed. Heavily pregnant, she is arrested in the Autumn of 1938 as part of the "Polish campaign" and held overnight at Stadelheim before being released. A few days later her son Gerson (Jerry) is born in Munich. Only a year later do Gina and Jerry finally arrive in New York. They have to stay on Ellis Island for four days and only when Leon commits himself to pay for the boat tickets are they allowed to enter.

Despite all his efforts Leon cannot save his parents and his brother, Salo from the Nazi terror. Gina is also unsure for a long time about the fate of her family.

When Leon's brother, Salo finally comes to America, Leon is employed as a manager of a small clothing store. Salo initially gets work in his uncle's business making fluorescent lighting. Not long after, Salo establishes his own company and Leon quits his job to become Salo's partner.

Leon died 31st January 2002 in Florida.