"I am alive! It is a miracle from G'd"
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Jakob and Frieda
Schmuel Zev Steinmetz and Dobba Schaffer, Mina's uncle and aunt. Mina Blechner, née Schaffer ca.1905 in Frankfurt, where she works in a family before her marriage to Markus. Wolf Schaffer, Mina's father%2C is a businessman in Niebylec. Commerce is the most important livelihood for the Jews in Galicia. (Far right) Mordechai and Mina with Mordechai's parents%2C Bluma (née Blechner%29 and Pinchus Chulew with Mordechai's sister Perl and her fiancée, Leser and cousins Jakob Dominitz and Nathan Weinberger. Wolf Schaffer with his youngest son, Alexander and his grandson Schyje Welisch in front of the Welisch general goods store in Niebylec, Galicia.
Galicia belonged to Austria-Hungary after the partition of Poland at the end of the 18th Century. The Blechners come from the district of Krosno.